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Family And Education Scholarship

Poverty prevents many children in Vietnam from continuing their education beyond primary school. Many children have to find jobs and earn a living, instead. Furthermore, those who have worked so hard to pass competitive national entrance exams into universities cannot attend due to limited finances.

School fees are often low but children have to pay for many other expenses, such as uniforms, contribution to school infrastructure, and insurance. Total expenses can range from $60-$80 per semester from primary school to high school. University students can expect to pay $200-$500 per semester.

A variety of scholarship packages with a value of $30 per month to $80 per month will be awarded to underprivileged students in rural Vietnam to continue their studies. The amounts indicated will be used to cover school expenses (tuition fee and school supplies) for one student for one year. A portion of this will be invested in an income-generating activity for his/her family to improve the family's livelihood.

Scholarship Options

Primary School

$30 / month

This Scholarship will be awarded to underprivileged schoolchildren ages 6-10.

Secondary school

$40 / month

This Scholarship will be awarded to schoolchildren ages 11-14.

High School

$50 / month

This Scholarship will be awarded to schoolchildren ages 15-18.


$80 / month

This Scholarship will be awarded to university students who have passed the university entrance exam but lack the finances to further their education.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, simply contact us or email with your selection. We will then pair you with that student and provide a report on his/her progress.

Core Elements

How the Scholarship Program Works

Seeking Candidates

The BLV team will create a list of potential candidates after visiting rural villages and seeking underprivileged and hardworking students whose parents are willing to carry out the income-generated model. We believe that this scholarship program can guide a child\u2019s success, as well as improve their family\u2019s economic situation. In each case, we will prepare a student profile with his/her school records, family situation and family\u2019s proposed income-generated model.

Finding Sponsors

Sponsors can offer their help by awarding a featured student with a scholarship package. This may be a monthly donation or a fixed amount. A sponsorship will certainly change a young child\u2019s life in the long term. Any amount will be gratefully welcomed by the BLV team. 

Providing Scholarship

The BLV team will personally provide the scholarship to the family of the selected student. A part of this scholarship will be used to support the family carrying out the income-generated model, and the other part will be used to pay for school expenses. The BLV team will generate follow-up reports for sponsors.

Following Up

After 3-6 months, BLV will visit the sponsored family and assess the success of the economic model and the student\u2019s performance at school. We will then decide if the student is eligible for our scholarship program for the following year.

How Do We Monitor And Evaluate This Program?

In addition to selecting qualified students, BLV will play a role in providing financial support to the family, guiding the children to study hard and evaluating the children\u2019s progress. We will also contact the recipient\u2019s family regularly and organize letters between the child and his/her sponsor. A visit to the study location can also be organized.Only students who have outstanding grades by the end of the semester will be eligible for a scholarship for the following semester.

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