Working To Improve Education Conditions
For Underprivileged Children
And Youth In Vietnam

Books Library

BLV creates classroom libraries that students can use at school or home, and monitors their progress and engagement.
So far, the team has built more than 10,000 bookcases for nearly 500,000 children in rural areas.

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Scholarship Program

BLV offers a scholarship program to cover school expenses and encourage the whole family to get involved to support the needs of their children.
Scholarships range from $30-80 per month based on level of education.

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BLV and Viet Dan Travel partnered together to launch Tours for Books, a social enterprise that organizes tours and travel services in Vietnam
All profits generated from this business will be used to support the education projects.

Better Employment

This program aims to empower youth with disabilities to feel more confident in their everyday life. BLV provides youth with disabilities with a variety of training opportunities across different industries and supports them through seeking job employment.

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Get Involved

You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
--Martin Luther King, Jr.

Travel With Us

Tours For Books (TFB), our proud supporter, offers a wide range of tours and travel services in Vietnam.
All profits generated from TFB will support the programs of Better Life Vietnam

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Improve education condition for underpriviledged students through our programs:

BLV Scholarship
Books Library
Teach English in Vietnam

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