End Year Trip 2017

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On December 22, Better Life Vietnam took a final trip of the 2017 giving books and teaching English to 450 children of Co Do second primary school in Ba Vi, Hanoi. This trip was much more special because we brought the children not only books, English lessons but also Santa Claus. It was the first […]

Nguyễn Thị Thảo Linh


Born: 04/12/2002 Her father left her family with a huge gambling debt. He even used the deed to their house to pay off his gambling fees. Most of the time during our visit, Thao Linh was in the back sewing garments for a factory. She only took a break to briefly have her picture taken, […]

Vũ Thị Thuỳ Trang


Born: 03/23/2002 One of three children, she lives with her grandfather and disabled father. Her father faces discrimination and abusive employers in the workplace due to his disability. Although he wants to support his children he has faced many struggles. Her family raises chickens, and hopes to work with Better Life to create a sustainable […]

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thương


Born: 02/01/2001 At just 16, Thuong has faced many struggles and challenges. Thuong lives with her grandparents,as her parents are working in Ho Chi Minh City. Her eldest sister was forced into dropping out of school at fourteen to support their family, and Thuong is worried that she will face the same fate. She is an […]

Khuất Thị Nhung


Born: 01/08/2000 Nhung lives with her grandmother, parents and a younger brother. Her  father has a mental disease. Her mother is the only one who works to feed the whole family. Her mother works in a garment shop, where she makes clothes for upwards of ten hours a day. During primary and secondary school, Nhung had to […]